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The Controller summons the five formerly-lost Legionnaires into Limbo, where he gives them the chance to destroy the menacing war-world his Sun-Eater was being prepared to deal with.

Story 1: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The five Legionnaires who have gone missing during the Legion of Super-Villains attack have gone missing again. When those Legionnaires were gone before, they had learned of a planet that was creating a Sun-Eater, built by the Controllers. Feeling like they couldn't just allow a Sun-Eater to be engineered, they destroyed the planet creating it. However, they now learn from the Controllers that they were creating the Sun-Eater to destroy a mobile planet named Tyrraz that is intent on destroying other planets, and coming close to a UP planet.

Story 2: Freedom Of Choice

Jacques Foccart, the Invisible Kid, visits Medicus One to see Doctor Gym'll. While there, he prevents a robbery of their medical supplies. After the robbery attempt sours, Jacques Foccart returns to Doctor Gym'll so he could lose his secondary abilities of transportation because they are so unwieldy and unpredictable. He will remain with his invisibility powers.

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