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Legion of super-Heroes #11

There are two artist and they both have qualities that I really enjoy about their work. Andres Guinaldo has thick lines that really define his work. the expressions are also great from him. Francis Portela is a much cleaner artist. His lines are well defined and everything crisp. I really like the angles he finds for the panels. The story is about the rouge group of Legionnaires trying to free Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl who have been abducted by the Dominators. I really like that we are focusing on one story now and that there are a group of characters that are the main focus. I also really like how Paul Levitz is showing us a bit of the government that is going on in the 31st century. I also really liked seeing the action in this issue. 
I don't like the fact that the art is visibly different. I also really don't like it because there is one artist that I think is slightly better and would want him to be through the whole book. I also think that most of the emotion in this issue is a little weak. If there is a scene like this, I think that we should get a little bit of feeling behind it. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I really like the Legion of Super-Heroes. I know that some people find them hard to follow and they are. I think that once you got the characters and the way the book works, you'll find that this book is something that you may want to read. If you like a story that has a lot of characters and a lot of plots going on at once, this is going to be the perfect thing for you. However, if you like a small character list and not a lot of plots, this is something that you may try but not enjoy.  

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