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Loving the Legion 6

I was really excited about this book because it didn't change at all because of the new 52. Does Paul Levitz keep up the series to it's previous greatness? Sure does.   THE GOOD: The art is good. I like it because it has a lot of detail and you can reread it and notice something new. I, like many other Legion fans, love having a lot of characters so this was a dream come true for me. I really liked seeing these characters unchanged and I'm really excited about where they are going. I like seeing...

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This Relationship Just Isn't Going to Work 0

DISCLAIMER: I am completely biased. Just getting that out there so I can maybe placate big time Legion fans from voting this review down without actually seeing my side. The Good: The cover is pretty neat, I especially like the way the art style shifts as the characters progress closer to the 'front,' and the wavy sort of DNA stuff adds some cool sci-fi tone. The art is pretty good. I can't say it was particularly something great, but I had no real complaints. I was happy to see Mon-El, a charac...

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The Legions of how to do things wrong 0

So there's this story... and it's happening and there are these other events that are happening and there are a lot of characters with powers and names that don't fit those powers and we never see those powers... and most of the characters are 1 panel cameos...If nothing else this is a brilliant way to advertise how to not-relaunch a book or introduce characters or a world or a team or really anything... I mean about the only thing I know coming out of this is these characters are emo twits in t...

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Military bug up your butt? 0

Boy, I sure do love the Legion. Have I ever told you guys how much I love the legion?.... Really! That many times! Those are a lot of zeroes after that number one. Is there a decimal point hidden somewhere amongst those zeroes? No. Oh. Well, to repeat myself once more I love the Legion of Super-Heroes (their the series that got me into comics, as strange as it sounds) so hearing that not only was Paul Levitz continuing with writing the stories, but he was also keeping the current legion continui...

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This Legion's Not Lost, But It Tells You to Get Lost 0

Apparently not caring that there is a big relaunch going on, Paul Levitz continues his Legion of Super-Heroes run with no acknowledgement of the purpose of these new #1s. It's good news for regular readers, but for anyone else, you are apparently not invited to join in.Why exactly does the Legion of Super-Heroes get to escape the revamp? I can understand DC being reluctant to leave Green Lantern and Batman untouched, but the Legion? It was only a modest success for DC in the months leading up to...

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Has made me a Legion fan 0

I'll admit I've never been a Legion fan. They've always sort of seemed to me like the rag-tag team of wannabe heroes. None of them were particularly special and while a few were cool here and there for the most part the team had always been pretty lousy.I liked seeing a ton of new Legionnaires and seeing some older ones return. The story is that a major disaster has happened and The Legion has lost some of it's members. In order to try and bring the team back up to size, they have to bring in re...

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No cleaver name for the Legion of Superheroes review.......Sorry. 2

The Legion of Super-Heroes are an interesting bunch before Flashpoint.  With Flashpoint the team is split with some lost and that is the adventures of Legion Lost, which came out a week before this, and this book the standard Legion book.  This book is status quo writing from one of the Legion of Superheroes iconic writers of Paul Levitz.  Levitz as a writer saddens me because I feel he was pushed out as President and publisher to make way for the newer powers that be that brought Flashpoint up...

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Legion has returned once again 0

The Legion Of Super-Heroes are people with super powers, but operate in the future instead of the past. With all of their technology, they still seem to leave out minor details on events in the past. With that, they technically don't actually know what is going to happen for the next 100+ years. However, with them being in the future it makes them one of the most prominent team/characters in the DC universe.I'm a fan of the legion, but at times it can get a little crazy and boring. What I mean i...

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Young enough to fake it 0

I come at this series never really having read it before except for an issue here or there.  Of course as a DC comics fan it is hard not to know something about the Legion as they show up in the modern day occasionally, but really this relaunch feels very much like the continuation of a previous series.  Some aspects are not as hard to figure out, for instance there is a raid on a planet which is well set up enough, but there are other parts which go on a bit of a tangent about previous events. ...

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