Legion of Sivanas

    Team » Legion of Sivanas appears in 5 issues.

    Team of versions on Doctor Sivana from across no less than 25 Earths in the Multiverse gathered by Earth-5's Dr. Sivana.

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    After contact several Sivanas across the multiverse, Dr. Sivana from earth-5 to create Sivanaday from suspendium. However the Sivanas defeated themselves because their own malicious nature.

    This cheating behavior would be the cause of their downfall. First they try to takeover diferent earths, on the run with the Marvel family after them. Under the command of Lecter Sivana and using robot armies to take over the Multiverse, the Sivanas again betrayed each other by send every member to an earth where they would be for sure defeated.


    Known Sivana's of the Multiverse:

    • Earth-0: New 52 Sivana (From Shazam)
    • Earth-3: Nobel prize winer Sivana, shamed to be associated with criminals.
    • Earth 5: Thunderworld Sivana (New Thunderworld Adventures)
    • Earth 10: Former Nazi Doktor Sivana
    • Earth 11: Gender-Swapped Female Mistress Sivana
    • Earth 13: Lecter Sivana
    • Earth 18: Old West Sivana
    • Earth 23: African-American Sivana
    • Earth 26: Snake Hissivana
    • Earth 32: Bane Sivana (aka Luchador Sivana).
    • Earth-42: Chibi Sivana (Eaten by Hissivana)
    • Earth-43: Vampiric Count Sivana
    • Earth-44: Robotic Sivana

    Several others unnamed Sivana's including a Dark Sivana, a hooded Sivana, (maybe from earth 20) a mustache Sivana, a goatee Sivana, a punk Sivana (maybe from earth 47).

    Is supposed than the Legion of Sivanas and their robotic army are multiversal avatars of the Gentry member Demogorgunn.


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