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    Object » Legion Cruiser appears in 197 issues.

    The Legion Cruiser is the primary mode of transportation for the Legion of Super-Heroes. There have been many different models over the years.

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    The first appearance of a Legion Cruiser was in Adventure Comics #310, July 1963. The Legion of Super-Heroes would be shown using various models from the original over the years along the series.


    Original Continuity; New Earth:

    Legion Cruiser Mark-494: The members of the Legion would use this smaller 494 model when the larger LX-811 Star Cruiser was occupied or in repairs. This smaller craft would also be used by Science Police officers as well as deputized members of the legion of Super-Heroes itself.

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    Star Cruiser LX-811: The most memorable of the vessels used by the Legion is the Star Cruiser LX-811. Its concept highly influenced by the iconic USS Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek during the 1960's. By design the ship consists of a centralized disk being the main hub of the occupants, and two long extended drive shafts pods.


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