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    Academy for the training of potential Legionnaires in the 30th Century DC Universe. Located on the shores of Montauk, New York.

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    The Legion Academy is a school based in the 30th century Earth. The campus is both a source of training gyms, student dorms, and classes, auditorium, libraries, med-lab, and activity centers in the belief that a solid institution can help mold its students as possible future members of the Legion of Superheroes.


    The Legion Academy is a training school for members of the Legion of Super-heroes. It was created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, and has been re-used and revisited by subsequent creators in the many evolving iterations of the Legion that have been published over the decades.


    Silver Age; Original Continuity

    Montauk, New York 30th Century
    Montauk, New York 30th Century

    Situated off the shores of Montauk, New York the Legion Academy history of galaxy wide searches for possible students as understudies meant to expand the roster of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Academy training has also groomed several former students for eventual Legion membership. Chemical King, Dawnstar, Karate Kid II, Magnetic Kid II, Tellus, Comet Queen and Timber Wolf are all graduates of the Academy. Training there may be deficient to some degree, however, as Chemical King, Karate Kid II and Magnetic Kid II have all died in the line of battle. Although as two of those were selfless sacrifices made to save others, they clearly teach heroism quite well.

    Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel really found their niche when they became instructors at the Legion Academy, demonstrating to new heroes how teamwork, quick-thinking, and courage could make great heroes out of the weakest powers.

    5-Year Gap; Five years Later

    When increasing hostility from Earthgov and a lack of funding led to the closure of the Legion Academy, Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel were tapped by one of the United Planets greatest generals, King Jonn of Pasnic, to become Co-Instructor Generals of the newly-opened United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar. Along with many of their former Legion Academy students, they began training meta-powered beings to become soldiers and special operatives (militia, ground forces, as opposed to operating within the UP Starfleet where there powers would be wasted), helping to stiffen the UP’s resistance to invasion by the Khund Empire.

    Retroboot; New Earth

    The event of Infinite Crisis restored the original continuity before the Five Years Later and this would harken the return of the Legion Academy. Still housing its campus on Montauk , new York the Academy campus would be a major site for the students who were graduating from attending the school and becoming alumni. Several members of the student body such as Comet Queen, Dragonfire, Glorith, and Chemical Kid would join the Legion.


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