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The Psychotic Perspective: Legends of the Dark Knight #10

A Game to Die For

I read some of the Legends of the Dark Knight series that came out back in the nineties, and I thought they were okay, but this is the first time I have tried out the modern version of this series. The internet format seems ideal for a rotating cast of Batman contributors, but the real question is how does this issue work as a standalone comic?

This issue focuses on a new vigilante, Praetorian, enduring the mind games of a captured Joker. Will Praetorian manage to keep Joker subdued until Batman can arrive, or will he be one of the countless to fall prey to Joker’s manipulations?

Exactly What the Series Needs

This issue fits perfectly with the concept of Legends of the Dark Knight. In this, you have a simple one-shot story that depends on no outside knowledge other than the most basic aspects of Batman mythology. The story kept me on my toes the entire time as I tried to figure out Joker’s angel and Praetorian’s role as a member of the Bat Clan. I am happy to say the resolution is more than satisfying. The art work was jarring due to its unusually style, but I soon adjusted to it and came to enjoy it.


The issue is nearly the length of a regular comic, so it is a real bargain to only pay ninety-nine cents.

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