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Legendary Story Arch

I know the Legends Story Arch has it's share of dissenters who didn't like it.  This always surprised me because I always thought it was similar to the X-Men story and the Civil War story arches that were so popular.  In all three stories you have a large group of the world's populace who are becoming disenchanted and even afraid of what Superhero's represent.  In this story Darkseid is behind the smear campaign.  He uses his people strategically to destroy what people believe about superheroes being good.
The story itself is good and the art is superior.  the cover is interesting but not as good as what is on the inside.  There are also a wide range of heroes in this book like Cosmic Boy and Vibe.  It is not perfect however.  Wally West is not done well here. He seems to much like Barry Allen than Wally.  His personality is off and the book also has Beast Boy and obviously Cosmic Boy and the New Gods.  in it.  I do not like the New Gods, the Legion of Superheroes especially Cosmic Boy or Beast Boy.  All that said they are really done well here.  Beast Boy had the best comment in the book.  
I really liked this book and series and gave it four stars.  Like I said it is not perfect but few things are.  I really recommend these books.  They really are enjoyable.

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