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Operation Humiliation

Darkseid looks over his Kingdom and weeps, for there are no more worlds to conquer. Until his lackey De Saad reminds him of the heroes of Earth who has foiled him at every turn. So Darkseid launches a plan " Operation Humiliation " which involves a first wave plan of sending two giant supervillains Brimstone and Macro Man. One of whom will be a sacrifice to help put a nail into the trust between the heroes of earth and the public. Glorious Godfrey is sent to Earth to help push the public into the right direction. 
This is one example of a simple cover, that brilliantly conveys what is going on inside. With Darkseid juggling both heroes and villains.   
I had a problem with John Byrnes art in the early to mid 80's. The faces all look the same, just with different hairstyles or masks. I can say he can make a dynamic page, there is no arguing that.  So the book still looks good. 
A pure set up issue, this book spends most of its time introducing who the characters are that are going to be involved in the story. Lucky enough, it is cool enough to inspire wanting to pick up the next issue. I almost forgot that Wally was depowered after Crisis, and I found his story to be the best of the book. So far so good.

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