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  1. Cover by John Byrne and Tom Ziuko.
  2. "Once Upon a Time...!" Written by John Ostrander and Len Wein, penciled by John Byrne, inked by Karl Kesel, colored by Tom Ziuko and lettered by Steve Haynie.
  3. "Secret of the Temple" A 12 page bonus insert written by Joe Orlando, scripted and edited by Joey Cavalieri, penciled by Jose Delbo, inked by Pablo Marcos, colored by Agustin Mas and lettered by Shelley Eiber.
  4. "The Making of a Comic Book Part One and Two" a 2 page text piece by Mike Gold.

Darkseid surveys his world, Apokolips, and is contented with what he sees, but the hope and joy on Earth embodied by its heroes vexes him. He devises a plan to destroy all that the people see in heroes. He sets his minions Dr. Bedlam and Glorious Godfrey to the task. He also sends Brimstone to attack New York City as well as Macro Man who attacks Billy Batson.

Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Flash, Cosmic Boy, Beast Boy and the Justice League Detroit. are all on the front lines of this first offensive, and are largely routed, much to Darkseid's thrill.


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Operation Humiliation 0

SUMMARY : Darkseid looks over his Kingdom and weeps, for there are no more worlds to conquer. Until his lackey De Saad reminds him of the heroes of Earth who has foiled him at every turn. So Darkseid launches a plan " Operation Humiliation " which involves a first wave plan of sending two giant supervillains Brimstone and Macro Man. One of whom will be a sacrifice to help put a nail into the trust between the heroes of earth and the public. Glorious Godfrey is sent to Earth to help push the publ...

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Legendary Story Arch 0

I know the Legends Story Arch has it's share of dissenters who didn't like it.  This always surprised me because I always thought it was similar to the X-Men story and the Civil War story arches that were so popular.  In all three stories you have a large group of the world's populace who are becoming disenchanted and even afraid of what Superhero's represent.  In this story Darkseid is behind the smear campaign.  He uses his people strategically to destroy what people be...

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