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Creation of the Eternals

Approximately 1,000,000 years ago when the Earth was still very primitive, this planet got a visit from the Space Gods known as 'Celestials'. Interested in the genetic potential offered by the ancestral human race, the Celestials took 60 males/40 females and accelerated their evolutionary processes along with granting them the latent ability to manipulate cosmic energy. The result was were God like beings that became known as Homo-Immortalis or the Eternals, a sibling to both the human race and their polar opposite the Deviants (created by Celestial experiments destabilizing the human genome).

Reborn into Human-kind

The Celestials visited Earth many times to observe it's human progression, and on the second time they hid one of their own on the Planet. In modern times, Sprite, the eternal child of the immortal race, learned of this hollow but powerful vessel and utilized it's abilities to warp reality on a massive scale. His goal, to give a mortal experience to those who lived forever, erasing the memory of the Eternals.

Legba was among the Eternals brainwashed and lulled into a normal human life, his false reality being one of a Pastor and his powers effectively dormant. Druig, freshly freed from his own slumber, sought out Legba and upon finding him brought out the Eternal heritage within as well.... only to be confronted by Ikaris and Thena.

Druig vs Ikaris, which side to embrace?
Druig vs Ikaris, which side to embrace?

Eternal once more

After Druig fought/escaped from the pair, they attended the 2 attended a board meeting where the newly reborn Legba learned of Druig's plans to gain more sleeping Eternals and overthrow the current Eternal hierarchy. After hearing the why, Legba finds it agreeable that Eternals shouldn't be the servants of humans/should have grander goals and even after further probing of the 'how' he is assured of Druig's genuine views. Not just towards Legba (who, out of all Eternals, Druig trusts with his life) but Druig's honesty with himself in this goal of liberating all Eternals.

With trust comfortably established, Legba accepts a mission to go to Mandripoor where a human Uni-mind seems to be present and causing a nation-wide coma (allowing Druig to remain undistracted in their overall goal). Half-way through the investigation, the Eternal is interrupted by the presumptive goup of Ikaris/Sersi/Thena/Makkari, who Legba talks down and calms. Though the group eventually get the fight they were itching for in the form of the 'Young Gods', the cause of the Nation wide collapse. In typical Legba fashion, the Eternal wanders away from the brawl and heads towards the root of the problem.... coming face to face with the Varua, the heart of the Young Gods outfitted with an impenetrable shield and teleportation capabilities that rely on her unshakable faith to the mission. After establishing a false sense of security and listening to their strikingly similar human-to-cosmic origins, he prompts a question that troubles her mind, making her shielding weaker.... leading to him blast her head off and saving the team outside their energy as all the all Young God's simultaneously collapse. After a few words with the group (Legba having a moment where he makes even Iron-willed Ikaris question his own resolve), Legba returns to Druig.

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A battle fit for Gods

The pair then go to Brazil to free Gilgamesh only to find the mighty Eternal is not only free, but pissed... at them, for some reason. Getting the jump on the 2 (before they armored up) they are beaten but follow Gilgamesh and watch him beat up an unsuspecting Makkari as well, only to find out another Eternal, Ajak, was pulling Gilgamesh's strings and terminated the Incapacitated Makkari. They leave from the murder and find the whole world turned upside down as the killing of Makkari, the Celestial's favorite, spells utter doom... until danger is somehow avoided by Sersi (who gives her life for his). As Legba and Druig ponder their next moves, they find themselves under attack by Ikaris, who while mighty, was on his own on his quest to do right and outnumbered 6 to 1. Ikaris flees, only to lead his pursuers into a trap with the X-men backing Ikaris, and a mighty battle begins. Legba partakes this time, only for them to realise time is now up. The Horde (Opposite to the Celestials, calculated destruction of all) had now descended on the earth and didn't care about who was going to lead the Eternals, so the Eternals told the X-men to flee and attempted to take the Horde, in vain.

Devising a plan to use a Uni-mind powered Celestial to fight this invasion, the Eternals flee to the giants side where Legba questioned whether everyone was ready to form a uni-mind. Druig, of course, said he should be the leader of such a union instead of Ikaris but after some persuasion from Pixie and Legba, Druig went along and the group were joined by Ajak and the others Eternals. Together they fought off the Horde and survived certain death, the Hierarchy remains unchanged but Druig and Legba were content with life existing. After all, when you live forever another chance for insurrection is bound to come again...

Powers and abilities

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Deriving their power from cosmic energies, Eternals are among the most versatile characters in Marvel. While all Eternals share certain superhuman abilities, the specifics vary depending on the Eternal and their desire in life. The breakdown for Legba is below:

Superhuman strength: Legba's base strength without cosmic amping is a bare minimum of 15T, however this # increases exponentially when Legba utilizes his energy or lifts the object via telekinesis (if not both).

Exceptional Durability: As an Eternal, Legba boasts a total/ unbreakable mental control over his cosmic molecular structure. Even when resting or unconscious this fact remains true classifying Legba as Class 7 Durability, virtually indestructible to any force weaker than his own cosmic energies or total molecular disintegration. Along with this, Legba's life span extends 1,000's of years, he is immune to disease and aging, and even if damaged by an attack Legba can regenerate from dire injuries in hours.

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As stated by Gilgamesh, even the lowliest Eternal could no sell mystical heat that had the Avengers (including Thor) on the verge of collapse. Legba himself has shown particularly resistant to energy, rejecting a "no holds barred" blast from Cyclops and was still standing despite an all-out blast from the X-man.

Flight: Legba is capable of flight-up to 600mph (via telekinesis).

Energy Projection: As with all Eternals and inherent to their cosmic nature, Legba is able to fire beams of intense Heat/Light/Force from their eyes. These beams were intense enough to 1-shot other super-humans with light shielding, and can be used for hours consecutively before the Eternal is depleted of energy.

Teleporting: Legba is capable of teleportation across countless miles, though doing so can be draining.

Illusions and Telepathy: Legba has the ability to project illusions on himself or his environment in order to trick opponents. Legba can also communicate telepathically to those he chooses.

Matter Transmutation/Rearrangement: Legba is one of 4 (Sersi/Druig/Sprite) others classified as 'changers', or Eternals masterful in rearranging matter. Those in Legba's category of 4 out of 5 mastery can instantly change Non-living things to Living things and vice-versa to the point of low level reality warping, depending on the wishes of the Manipulator. Not as skilled as 5/5 level prodigy Sersi, however.


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