"Batman" Legacy

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    Gotham may have survived the Contagion but will it survive its Legacy? Batman and the Batman Family have to stop Earth's most dangerous terrorist and his new apprentice: Bane!

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    When the international terrorist Bane, meets with Talia and several members of the League while attempting to learn the identity of his father, Talia brings Bane back to meet with Ra's himself who sends him on a mission alongside Talia to discover the location of the wheel of plagues from Kobra. Bane following this is invited to stay as a guest of Ra's and following saving Talia's life, she rewards him with a night of sex, but afterwards becomes disgusted with him, having Ra's capture him but upon Bane's escape impresses him enough that he deems Bane a worthy mate for Talia.

    When the trio go to the desert in order to retrieve the data from the wheel of plagues Batman, Robin, and Nightwing arrive to foil their plans. As the three escape, Talia heads to Gotham with Ra's in order to release the plague which will wipe out 90% of humanity. However, the plan was stopped as Bane and Batman commence their rematch with Batman defeating the villain, who is washed out to sea. Robin, Nightwing, and Huntress board Ra's ship while Talia battles Huntress, and Robin links the system to Oracle in order to eradicate the data left of the plague. The ship explodes supposedly killing Talia and Ra's, which is revealed later to be wrong.

    Following Bane's regaining of consciousness, he takes over a ship carrying a floating nuclear reactor. Shortly after several of Ra's League arrive, where they deliver the news of the two al Ghul's deaths to a devastated Bane. Bane then decides to use the ship to carry out the dream of Gotham's destruction, in Talia's name. However he is once again foiled by Batman, Nightwing and Robin.

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