Legacy Virus

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did anyone enjoy the whole concept of it i mean a virus that only kills mutants i enjoyed it because it hit readers hard with some of the deaths. Magiks death was a big one for some but for me it was Pyros death he went out a hero though which also made it real hard

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i thought it was a great story line. i completely agree with you about pyro. it was really nice that he got to go out in a way that wasn't insulting to him or the people reading it. i loved that he ended up the hero.

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I think they needed more people to die from it to live up to the hype. You had Magik, Madrox for a little while was "dead", Pyro, it never really seemed like a significant threat considering the thousands of mutants especially how much pages it consumed with Beast and Moira, etc going on about it and the effort put into giving the virus an origin in the future. Why would Stryfe go through the trouble of bringing what was supposed to be a horribly dangerous virus from the year 4000 back to kill a handful of peripheral mutants that don't matter much in the grand scheme of things?

Thats one thing I gotta give M-Day credit for, it seemed to do what other storylines like the Legacy virus were hyped to do.

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Stryfe wasnt always big with brains but i did like the overall effect it had on the characters

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