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    Leetah is a princess and master healer of the Sun Elves and the lifemate of Cutter, the chief of the Wolfrider Elves. She is one of the most prominent characters in the ElfQuest universe.

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    Leetah, the princess of the Sun Village, grew up to use her powers as a healer to protect of the people of her tribe. Her people were the Sunfolk, Elves who lived in a peaceful and idyllic community blissfully unaware that there were others of their kind until the day the Wolfriders stormed into their lives. Leetah found herself Recognized with the Wolfrider chief, Cutter. Leetah was six-hundred years old and Cutter only fourteen when the couple first met. Recognition is a biological and spiritual imperative among Elves on the World of Two Moons whereby those who feel its effects must adhere to its calling. Leetah at first tried to reject her feelings for Cutter, who turned her once tranquil world upside down with his sudden arrival. To make matters worse, she had another suitor vying for her affection. That person was Rayek, the Sunfolk's master hunter. In time, and after many trials and tribulations, Cutter and Leetah were finally joined.

    Leetah became the mother of Suntop, a visionary mystic, and his twin sister Ember who would one day replace her father as chief of the Wolfriders. Over the years Leetah would become fiercely loyal to the Wolfriders, and especially to her children and lifemate. She would also aid the Wolfriders in many battles against many foes, not the least of which was her former lover, Rayek. With Cutter, she lived in Sun-Village for seven years before moving into a new forest Holt, and her closest confidant became the frank and fearless Nightfall.


    Leetah was created in 1978 by Richard and Wendy Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest.

    Character Evolution

    Leetah first demonstrates the Gift of the Healer, in EQ#2, on Redlance, a wandering Wolfrider previously injured by humans in EQ#1, who couldn't complete his journey a cross the desert. She would use her powers to heal many elves throughout the elfQuest series. The Gift of the Healer can be distorted by sorcery and malintent to cause harm. Her greatest adversary was Winnowill, who used her power in a twisted manner to inflict harm on others, including Leetah and her loved ones. Ember's life-mate, Mender, once attacks using his healing powers.

    Although Winnowill is characterised by evil, cunning, and selfishness, it cannot be said truly that Leetah saw her as an "enemy." Leetah has a benevolent nature and sees all elves as friends, wishing to heal her mind.

    Popular Recognition

    Leetah was ranked 12th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list. She was the only character from ElfQuest to make the list.


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