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    Girlfriend of Magnus, the robot fighter.

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    Leeja Clane is the girlfriend of Magnus, Robot Fighter and the daughter of Senator Clane. During Magnus's battle of Malev-6, Leeja assisted him by manipulating ectotheric energy against the Malevs.

    Valiant Era

    Leeja was trained by her mentor M'Ree to enhance her latent talents of psionic sense and ectotheric energy manipulation. During the Malev war she would have a love affair with Takao Konishi the Rai. They have a child together who becomes a true Rai warrior. After Takoa's death, she married Magnus and bore him a son, Torque.

    Dark Horse Era

    Leeja Ellen Clane is the best friend of Cinnette Victoria, Magnus's initial romantic interest who is kidnapped by mobsters in the first issue. Leeja infiltrates the mobster chattel auction in order to lead Magnus via a tracking device.

    Dynamite Era

    Leeja Clane is an inspector subservient to the North Am Synod who has successfully hunted and terminated all rebel robot fighters trained by 1A. She shoots and detains Magnus in their first meeting until forming an uneasy alliance with him over the course of the series as she comes to doubt the ethics of her father and the North Am Synod. Leeja receives enlightenment regarding the evils of human slavery by reading a Frederick Douglass book she seized from Magnus.

    Popular Recognition

    Leeja Clane was ranked 56th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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