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    Proper Japanese Title: リイドコミック

    Leed Comic was a men's gekiga magazine and the primary comic magazine of its publisher from its debut in 1971. Leed Comic used the name first with the publisher only changing its name to Leed in 1974. The publisher had been founded by Takao Saito and was primarily built on self-publishing in his early career and collecting/reprinting his works after he found significant success in the later-emerging beginnings of the mainstream manga industry.

    While he remained heavily active at other publishers, Leed Comic became the magazine with the highest number of significant Saito serializations because he stayed a major presence for most of the thirty-year run of the magazine and unlike other similar decades-long runs he had in outside magazines, he semi-regularly ended each series to start a new one.

    Originally a monthly magazine, in 1973 it began a biweekly schedule and remained that way until shortly before its end in 2001 when it briefly returned to a monthly rate. Though plenty of notable veterans of the industry were serialized in the magazine, the covers followed the trends of magazines like Big Comic and early Weekly Manga Action in using dedicated cover artists. This trend also ended in its final years when it began to depict manga on the cover. Apart from Saito's work, the most well-known serialization from the magazine was possibly Shintarō Miyawaki's The Rapeman which was published in the late 80's.

    Leed Comic had numerous spin-off magazines and special issues over its three-decade run but in the 00's it was outlasted by one of them (Comic Ran) which became Leed's new primary comic magazine. The headlining franchise of that magazine, Onihei Hankachō, was first published in this magazine.


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