Character » Lectronn appears in 12 issues.

    Originally created as a Marvel Age April Fool's joke, the character has been used in several appearances in "normal" continuity.

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    After polio robbed young Tommy Samuels of the use of his legs, he figured that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  But then, an alien from a distant galaxy came to Earth searching for people worthy of wielding the mighty power he offered.  He came to Tommy and pronouncing him worthy, transformed him into Lectronn, master of the atom! 
    It seemed like a dream.  But when Tommy's powers seriously injured a gang of thieves he had captured, the young hero learned that with great power comes great responsibility. 


    Tommy found himself imbued with atomic-powered strength and able to fire devastating electron blasts.  By lowering his own atomic weight, he could even fly.


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