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    The Leatherneck Raiders were United States Marine Corpsmen commanded by USMC Captain Simon Savage, active during World War II, who never achieved the recognition of US Army Sgt. Nicholas Fury's Howling Commandos.

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    The Leatherneck Raiders are a now-defunct team, consisting primarily of United States Marine Corpsmen, that Captain Simon Savage of the USMC commanded during World War II. Though they were effective in both theaters of operation, they never achieved the recognition that the Howling Commandos did under then-Sergeant Nicholas Fury of the United States Army.

    The Leatherneck Raiders's roster consisted of these personnel: Captain Simon Savage, Commanding Officer; Sergeant Samuel Yates, nicknamed Yakety Yates, drill instructor; Private Jay Little Bear, member; Corporal Jacques LaRoque, member; Rolfe Harrison, member, rank unknown; Lee Baker, member, rank unknown; and Seaman Roy Stone, nicknamed Blarney Stone, member.

    What happened to the Leathernecks after the war has not yet been revealed. Presumably, Captain Savage himself ultimately rose to the grade of full four-star general; if so, then it can be assumed that he eventually served as Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.


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