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    Just a guy looking for a good time in the Great Lakes region

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    Very little is known about Leather Boy. A resident of Milwaukee, a BDSM enthusiast, and a leather fetishist, he misread Mr. Immortal's ad calling for applicants to join the Great Lakes Avengers.


    Leather Boy was created by Dan Slott and Paul Pelletier. He made his first appearance in GLA #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    GLA Misassembled

    Angry that he was never called up to join the GLA despite their recent public recruitment efforts, Leather Boy creates an all-leather Doctor Doom outfit and breaks into the GLA headquarters. He breaks Mr. Immortal's neck and kills Monkey Joe, Squirrel Girl's squirrel sidekick. He is caught soon after by Big Bertha, who holds him until the rest of the team returns. He is dropped off with the police.


    Sneaking into a Halloween celebration at Empire State University, Leather Boy kidnaps Squirrel Girl's new squirrel companion, Tippy-Toe. He is recognized and stopped by Deadpool, and left tied up in a tree to allow the squirrels to enact their revenge.

    Powers and Abilities

    Leather Boy has no known superhuman powers or abilities.


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