Character » Leash appears in 11 issues.

    Leash is one of Harvest's main minions and helps to select which young meta-humans take part in the culling. He then teleports them using his psionic abilities.

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    Current Events

    Leash has recently been shown to be in charge of transporting young Meta-Humans to the Crucible where the young prisoners fight for there lives in the Culling. Leash has also been shown to have his own area in the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. headquarters. He also teleported all of Harvest's minions into the crucible to attack several young Meta-humans.


    Leash's origin has not yet been revealed but it is possible that he once fought in a previous Culling, which he survived making him one of Harvest's main soldiers. It is not known how long ago Leash fought in the Culling.

    Powers and abilities

    Leash is able to create psionic wires which he can use to transport people or objects to seperate locations. He can use these powers as weapons to injure his enemies. His ability to injure enemies with his powers was first shown when Kid Flash tried to stop Leash from abducting Solstice. Leash can also almost brainwash the young Meta-humans and make them try to kill other captives that are trapped within the Colony.


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