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Science at its best

Comics came up in the atomic age in a sense. At first the unexplained was filled in with science fiction, with radiation causing the mutation of animals into monsters or of normal people into heroes. As science filled in the holes, the science fiction did not have as much room for expansion and lost a lot of its best source material as more and more became scientifically impossible. In terms of comics though, there has always been a smaller group of those who use the medium to educate instead of to entertain. This comic is such a comic but also deals with some of the misconceptions about nuclear science (effectively taking the fun out of the early science fiction and putting in fact.) It does a decent enough job at that (though I didn't exactly fact check the material.) This has the feeling of an old style comic that is trying to educate about something which is now common knowledge. It cannot really be criticized nor praised, but as a small part of comic history it is nonetheless interesting enough.

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