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    A team of representatives from various races inhabiting once Nine, now Ten Realms, whose alliance represents a multilateral unity of purpose against their foes.

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    When Malekith the Accursed was freed from his prison in Hel, Thor desired to lead an army of Asgardians to defeat him in battle. However, Freya, the All Mother, thought this would be viewed by the Congress of Worlds as an illegal, unilateral incursion on the part of Asgard. As a method of compromise, Volstagg, Asgard's senator on the Congress of Worlds negotiated the formation of a response team, "a collective effort, with members from as many worlds as possible."

    The initial team included;

    - Thor Odinson, representing the gods of Asgardia

    - Sir Ivory Honeyshot, representing the light elves of Alfheim

    - Screwbeard, representing the dwarves of Nidavellir

    - Oggmunder Dragglevladd Vinnsuvius XVII ("Oggy"), representing the mountain giants of Jotunheim

    - Ud, representing the race of trolls

    - Lady Wazira, representing the dark elves of Svartalfheim


    The League of Realms was created by Thor: God of Thunder writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney.

    Important Story Arcs

    The Accursed (Thor God of Thunder #13-17, 2013)

    The team's initial mission was to protect the exiled dark elf Queen Alflyse, whose death was sought by Malekith in his bid to rule his people. The Queen and her contingent were offered sanctuary in the Skornheim Mountains in Nidavellir, the Realm of the Dwarves. While the League was able to defeat many of Malekith's forces, they failed in their task to protect the dark elf Queen, who was killed by Malekith.

    As Malekith's forces continued to hunt down dark elf refugees across the Nine Realms, they continued to clash with Thor's League of Realms. In Jotunheim, Malekith once more drew blood when he slew Oggy, the League's mountain giant representative.

    In a final battle, when the League of Realms appeared to be on the brink of defeating Malekith and his forces, the evil dark elf was able to claim a victory. Representatives of the surviving dark elf councils called the battle to a halt, recognizing that in order to unify their remaining people, Malekith, the murderer of their Queen and ravager of their people, was the best choice to take over as ruler of the dark elves. To make matters worse, Lady Wazira, who had fought nobly beside her fellow members of the League of Realms realized the horrible truth that Malekith, her former enemy, was the only one who truly could unite her people. She volunteered as proxy to accept punishment for Malekith's many crimes and was thereafter imprisoned in Niffleheim.

    Although their victory against Malekith came with many unsatisfactory outcomes, the now-disbanded League of Realms was celebrated as heroes across most of the Nine Realms for their courageous efforts against Malekith's dark forces.

    The League of Realms Rides Again (The Mighty Thor #13 -???, 2016)

    In the time following the disbanding of the original League of Realms, the Odinson was found to be unworthy of the mantle of Thor and for a time that role was taken up by Dr. Jane Foster, who when wielding mighty Mjolnir, became The Mighty Thor. Malekith, who was now the legitimate ruler of Svartalfheim's dark elves had since invaded and was occupying Alfheim, home of the light elves, plunging much of the Nine Realms into war. Estranged from Asgard Thor took it upon herself to reform the League of Realms, without the consent of the Congress of Worlds. Their new purpose: "That of liberty and justice. And peace for all realms, all people whether they be gods or trolls or men."

    This new League of Realms boasted the following membership:

    - The Mighty Thor, who in her identity as Dr, Jane Foster also represented Midgard on the Council of Worlds.

    - Lady Sif of Asgard

    - Sir Ivory Honeyshot of Alfheim's light elves

    - Screwbeard of the Dynamite Dwarves of Nidavellir

    - Angela, renegade angel from Heven

    - Ud the Troll

    - Ro Bloodroot, the Wood Wizard of Vanaheim

    - Titanya Vaetilda Vinnsuvius of the mountain giants of Jotunheim

    - Agent Roz Solomon, of Midgard and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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