Is the Mad Thinker smarter than the Leader?

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I was thinking, the Mad Thinker can predict things using machines, whereas the Leader can just think about what the outcome will be, and they're fairly similar. However, the Mad Thinker has managed to:

  1. Break into the Baxter Building (F4 #15)
  2. Build a form of artificial life (Awesome Andy) from notes of Mr. Fantastic, when Mr. Fantastic had only managed to make a single celled form of life which died after a few seconds (F4 #15)
  3. Work out how to take control of the X-Men and almost beat both them and the Fantastic Four, would have if Beast hadn't smashed a puppet of Professor X (F4 #28)
  4. Took over Professor X's mind with the help of the Puppet Master (F4 #28)
Does the Leader have any feats that match these???
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@Meteorite: No, but it's not because he's dumber than the Mad Thinker, it's only because he's a bit more arrogant.

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