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Le Brusier is a French hero (and a sentient Bulldog) who is a member of the Guardians of the Globe.

While Le Brusier's origins are unknown, her fellow heroine known as Pegasus is able to understand her barking and communicate with her during missions.

Story Arcs

Le Brusier has her own story in Invincible Universe #7 where she plays catch, demonstrating her super speed, super strength and invulnerability but also comes across dogs being kidnapped for an underground fighting ring. Le Brusier infiltrates the underground dog fights, pushing through dogs twice her size, ripping off the arm of one man attempting to electrocute a dog and scaring the various people involved. Le Brusier then discovers the entire underground dog fighting ring is run by Magnattack, an Invincible and Guardians of the Globe enemy. Magnattack explains his evil plan then immediately, realizing he is doing so to a dog when he attempts to attack Le Brusier with an explosive, she tosses it back at him and is able to defeat him. It is not specified as to whether or not Magnattack dies.

Powers and Abilities

Le Brusier possesses heightened intellect (for a dog), super hearing, super smell (though it's not specified exactly how much greater this is than a normal dog's), invulnerability, super speed, super strength and the ability to go feral towards certain enemies


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