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    The American hero, big everywhere... but America

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    He used to be Ronald Gordon, a member of a covert Special Force of the U.S. Army called COBRA 

    Growing weary of  a life filled with deception, betrayed ideals and death he left their ranks, changed his name, his face and his life becoming an ordinary cab driver in New York.

    No amount of training however can let you escape the past, and it’s not long before he is found by the mysterious Mr. Garrett who pushes him into the service of  his covert organization to take on crime. 

    Taking the guise of a freelance journalist as his cover Ledd becomes a soldier again, only now one in civilian clothing, at the same time he finds himself in conflict with his desire for a normal life and his until then suppressed thirst for action.

    His past mostly hidden, the only thing he is certain of in the future is danger.

    Lazarus Ledd, hero for the new millennium?

    For his cult of fans Lazarus Ledd, whose popularity extends not only to Italy, but also other European countries, Australia, (# 1 comic character there for a time,) and Korea, has come to embody a character for the new millennium, neither hero, nor anti-hero, he lives in a world where the definition of good and evil are at best convoluted and at others all but pointless.

    It should also be noting that Lazarus may have been the first comic book character to use the Internet for his investigations.


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