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    Character » Layla Miller appears in 536 issues.

    Originally a key figure in the House of M, Layla Rose Miller is a mutant and member of X-Factor Investigations. She is famous for her catch phrase "I know stuff", which stems from her comprehensive knowledge of future events. She recently married James Madrox like she always claimed would happen.

    Layla Miller Lineage is...Doctor Doom ?

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    #1  Edited By darkmagik

    Has it been clarified since Secret Warriors Omnibus of whom is Layla Miller the girl?

    All the members of the Secret Warriors having been recruited by Daisy Johnson having a link of family with a baddie, of what Marvel villains Layla could she be the girl?

    Secret Warriors Members :

    - Quake : Daughter of Mister Hyde

    - Phobos : Son of Ares

    - Slingshot : Daughter of the Griffin

    - Hellfire : descendant of the original Phantom Rider

    - Druid : Son of Doctor Druid

    - Stonewall : Son of the Absorbing Man

    - Eden Fesi : Peharps family ties to Gateway or to a Marvel villain

    - Layla Miller : ???

    We do not still know which is its link with Doctor Doom, him even partially responsible for the creation of House Of M, reality where appears for the 1st time.. Layla Miller!

    Do you think that they are genetically similar, otherwise with which Marvel villain she would have a link?

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    #2  Edited By Chesapeake

    Wow this is a great question? Could that be possibly?

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    #3  Edited By HAWK2916

    I kinda want her to be the daughter of Threnody and Nate Grey

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