Lawrence Limburger

    Character » Lawrence Limburger appears in 3 issues.

    Limburger is a fictional alien from the Planet Plutark. He is a tyrannical businessman as he owns and runs the co-operation known as Limburger Plaza and he will stop nothing to conquer The Planet Mars.

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    Lawrence Limburger looks like an average, overweight multi-bizillianare --impeciable purple three-piece suit, white gloves, black shoes, red-tie, flower in the lapel, and an expensive-looking walking cane. No...nothing special...just average...

    Except for the fact that he is really a Plutarkian in disquise.

    Plutarkians are a race of fish-people from the planet, Plutark. The Plutarkians wasted their own planetary resources, turning their planet into one, big mess. Now, they go around the cosmos, stripmining every planet they come to.

    Not too long ago, they came upon the planet Mars. Before the Plutarkians, Mars was a paradise of a planet, with water and abundent plant and animal life. The Martian Mice were happy. (The statis of the Sandraiders and Rats before the war are unknown at this time.)

    Through sneaky wheeling and dealing, the Plutarkians took over the planet, shipping large amounts of the resources to Plutark. Before long, Mars became one, large barren desert.

    But then, a Mouse named Stoker formed the Freedom Fighters, and the Mice fought back.

    One of the head Plutarkian's underlings was named Lawrence Limburger. He was assigned Greasepit and Dr. Karbunkle for keeping things in order on Mars. It was durning this time that three Martian Mice was captured, and sent to Karbunkle for experimentation. The three Mice --who, as it turns out, were Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie-- escape from the prison on Mars, and venture into space.

    Enraged that Limburger had let the three Mice --leaders in the rebellion-- escape, the High Chairman sent Limburger, Karbunkle, Fred the Mutant --Karbunkle's mixed-up assistant-- and Greasepit to Earth. It is here that they soon encounter the Biker Mice from Mars.

    Limburger is underhanded and sneaky, yes. But his mannerism is high-class --at least, around humans, anyway. He speaks with intelligence, using large words and proliferation.

    To hide his true identity from the people of Earth, Limburger must wear a heavy mask. This mask causes him to sweat --a lot! And this rises his body oder to monsterous levels. Not even the best fans and air conditioners on the planet can cope with a Plutarkian's stench.

    Limburger's main lackies are:

    Dr. Karbunkle: A mad scienist to the extreme.

    Greasepit: His over-large --but dumb-- oil-oozing thug, and leader of Limburger's goon squad.

    Fred, the Mutant: A mixed-up, hodge-podge of a little man who acts as Karbunkle's assistant and favorite guinia-pig.

    Limburger hates paying for things, and will go so far as to print his own money for his dealings --which forces him to cover his own butt when he's caught.

    Limburger and crew must forever battle to keep the Biker Mice from ruining their plans --which they always fail.


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