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    The Lawbringers are mishapen creations of emperor Charon, birthed when he expelled all of his Negative emotions and gave them form.

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    The Lawbringers were born shortly after Charon had been cast into the Negation universe. They were to be his army, and were sent out to the farthest reaches of the universe to conquer all planets inhabited by sentient life, and enslaved under the banner of the Negation Empire. However, it soon became clear to Charon, that his creations were far too sadistic and powerful to maintain his growing empire. They had no regard for life whatsoever, destroying entire civilizations for the smallest infraction. Charon had no desire to rule over an empire of corpses. So his Lawbringers were promoted out of the way, used only as weapons of last resort when his newly formed conventional army failed to quell any resistance against his empire, which was not very often.  
    Charon's Lawbringer's are viciously loyal, jealously guarding their top of the pecking order and referring to the emperor as their "father". Charon does have a bond with his children that surpasses the emotional and physical. When Lawbringer "LKQR" was killed by a member of the resistance movement, Charon felt it immediately, doubling over in pain and stating "one of my children is dead, and those responsible will suffer!". 
    The Negation Lawbringer's were last seen assaulting Elysia, realm of the gods known as "The First', however the outcome of this battle was never revealed. 


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