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    The Living Assault Weapons, L.A.W., were created when the JLA disappeared during a battle with the Avatar.

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    The L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) were formed in direct response to the disappearance of the JLA (Justice League of America) after the Avatar attacked and caused both the League and their Watchtower to disappear. The Avatar then began an attack on a European Space Agency where Captain Atom attempted to stop him only to be caught himself. Captain Atom was kept in a crystal that contained his power which the Avatar needed to carry out his plans. The President sent Senior Advisor of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge Steel to the Swiss Alps, where the Peacemaker Project was located, to gather any information he could.

    As Sarge Steel arrived the Avatar's Ravanans were attacking the facility. With the help of the new Peacemaker, Mitchell Black, they held the forces off before too much was lost. Meanwhile the Blue Beetle and the Question were near by investigating a group of the Avatar's followers and met up with the Judomaster who was looking to correct a wrong he committed. The trio were attacked by the Avatar's follower's and fled in the Blue Beetle's Bug this is when they were contacted by Sergeant Steel to meet him in the Alps. Upon their arrived at the Peacemaker Project base they learned Nightshade was there as well recovering from a procedure to remove a succubus that had been inhabiting her.

    When the Blue Beetle, the Question, Peacemaker and the Judomaster were defeated by the Avatar and his Ravanans, Judomaster was taken captive were he revealed the Avatar was non other than his former partner, Tiger. Nightshade using her newly discovered powers she was able to locate and rescue the Justice League, who returned the favor by helping her fight off the the Ravanan's assault. The League returned to earth to clean up the remaining Ravanans while the Question, Blue Beetle, and Peacemaker ventured into space to shut down the Avatar's targeting system that he planed to use to destroy all military outlets on earth. Blue Beetle managed to shut it down before there was a major disaster, while Judomaster defeated Avatar and putting an end to his mission. The L.A.W. then freed Captain Atom and and they all went their own separate ways.


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