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    Law is a member of the G.I. Joe team. He's partnered by his loyal canine, Order.

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    Major Story Arcs


    Military Police officer Corporal Christopher Lavigne grew up in Houston, where he became a cop and walked a beat in the city's Fifth Ward for two years. Finding his job unfulfilling, he enlisted for the military police, and brought his German Shepherd, Order, with him. Law has an affinity for animals and is a trained dog handler. He is also became airborne qualified as part of his military training.

    When Law first believed he had joined the G.I. Joe team, he was assigned to guard a top secret missile silo hidden on the Jersey shore, along with two other soldiers. A short time later, a man codenamed Chuckles arrived and told them that they were not really a part of the Joe team. An intelligence agent Chuckles was investigating was covering up the existence of the missile silo. To protect the missile, he reassigned Law and the others and told them they were part of the G.I. Joe team. To clear their names, the men "kidnapped" Hawk from the Newark airport and showed him the missile. Meanwhile, a group of Dreadnoks learned of the missile and found out it was aimed at Cobra Island. A brief battle followed, ending when a Cobra helicopter arrived and destroyed the missile just as it launched. Hawk offered Law and the others -- including Order -- a spot on the Joe team then and there. Law joined the team just as the new Pit in Utah was completed.

    During the Cobra Island civil war, Law was one of the few Joes who did not participate in the operation. He and Order remained at the Pit, seeing to the base's security. Just after the war, Law and Order joined Cross Country, Mutt and his dog Junkyard on a surveillance mission keeping watch over the Dreadnoks' New Jersey hideout. They were eventually spotted by the mercenaries and after a brief battle arrested some of them. Those Dreadnoks were soon released due to legal technicalities, upsetting Law and the other Joes, but soon after, Zarana and Zanzibar were arrested by New Jersey State Police officers. Law stayed at the local police station where they were being held, trying to let the officers know just how dangerous the Dreadnoks were. He was proved right when a newly-arrived Dreadnok named Road Pig arrived and started destroying the station until he freed Zarana and Zanzibar. Law continued to serve the Joe team for many years until the team was shut down in 1994. Years later, he again served with the Joes during their mission to stop terrorist Tyler Wingfield.

    Personal Information

    Grade: Officer

    Birthplace: Houston, Texas

    Ethnic Background: French American

    Other Versions

    G.I. Joe Renegades

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    In the 2010 animated series, Law works as a prison guard with his canine partner, Order. A rookie at the prison, Law is honest and fair. He refuses to join the corrupt warden and guards who hold illegal cage fights between prisoners. Law and Order encounter the Renegades when Duke is arrested after being mistaken for a member of a chop shop ring.


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