Character » Lavour appears in 10 issues.

    Formerly the betrothed of Crystar, she abandoned him for his brother Moltar and was tranformed into a Magma person by the Chaos Wizard Zardeth.

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    Lavour was a noblewoman of planet Crystalium. The planet was co-ruled by twin princes Crystar and Moltar. She was betrothed to Crystar though neither of them was particularly attracted to the other. On the other hand Moltar desired Lavour but his wishes were ignored. The planet took part in the so-called Chaos War, a conflict between Lords of Orders and Chaos which span dimensions. When the war passed them by the two co-rulers were approached for a prospective alliance by two sorcerers, Zardeth of Chaos and Ogeode of Order. Both sorcerers offered an alliance to the brothers. Their argument over which sorcerer should be trusted brought forth growing tensions between the two siblings, resulting in a fight breaking out.

    Lavour came upon the scene just in time to witness Moltar mortally wound Crystar. She was horrified that all her dreams of power could come to an end with the death of her betrothed. She tried to switch allegiance towards Moltar. When Ogeode turned up and started attacking all those loyal to Moltar, Lavour was targeted as well. Moltar and Lavour quickly took the offer of late-arriving Zardeth who transformed them and their followers into a new life form, Lava Men.

    In her new form, Lavour could generate intense heat. Her body was impervious to  magma and resistant to most forms of injury. She no longer needed to eat, drink or breathe. She may have enhanced strength but does not seem to have used it. She soon took to fighting alongside Moltar, using a whip made of magma to great effect. Their new opponents were Crystar and his followers, turned into various Crystalic forms by Ogeode.

    By the end of the series, Lavour had fallen in love with Moltar. However when Moltar turned on Zardeth, the dying wizard left them with one last cruel joke. Moltar was transformed back to human-like form while Lavour stayed in magma form. They had to find a way to maintain their love while unable to touch each other.


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