Lava Men

    Team » Lava Men appears in 101 issues.

    An underground race known as the Gortokians transformed by a demon that have battled the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

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    The Lava Men were originally Gortokians who were the first race of Subterraneans created by the Deviants as slaves. After the Gortokians and their leader, Gor-tok, rebelled against the Deviants, the Gortokians freed themselves from bondage to form their own community.

    Later, a faction of Gortokians worshiped a demon called Cha'sa'dra. This faction of Gortokians were transformed by Cha'sa'dra into the Lava Men who left the Gortokian community.

    A lone Lava Man called Molto first appeared on the surface world before his brethren in Journey into Mystery #97. Then the Lava Men appeared together in Avengers #5.


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