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Laurie Livingston was a highly educated individual, able to speak ten languages (including German) by her early twenties. She was at one point abducted by Nazis and transported to Devil's Island. They intended to press her into service as a spy. She eventually managed to escape by killing one of her captors and wounding another. She found the experience disturbing, having never taken a life before.

Mayor Story Arcs

Joining the Deadly Dozen

Laurie was later arrested for stealing from the United States army depots in London. Sam Sawyer arranged for her to be recruited into the Deadly Dozen, despite her lack of a military background. She found herself drafted and forced to face the same exercises as her male companions. Her gender and youth was supposed to be useful in espionage missions. She served effectively in various missions and started a relationship with Combat Kelly, her commanding officer. 
In their final mission, Livingston was supposed to infliltrate a German military facility. The facility had became infamous for the cruel medical experiments performed there by Dr. Sweikert. She was given the papers of Dr. Lola Steimle, Sweikert's new assistant. Steimle had been captured by the Dozen in a previous mission. The success of Laurie's mission counted on Sweikert and Steimle having never met each other. Unfortunately for her, Sweikert had seen the real Steimle in photographs included in official documents. He had Laurie arrested on sight. 
While the Dozen did manage to free her eventually, Laurie had already served as a test subject to Sweikert. He had severed her Achilles' tendon (the main tendon of the posterior leg), leaving her crippled for life. She was one of the few members of her unit to survive the War. But her subsequent fate is unknown. 

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