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Laurie Lemmon: The Love of Superman Prime's Life

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

On Earth-Prime, Laurie Lemmon and the boy who would one day become the mentally deranged psychopath called Superman Prime lived directly across the street from one another.

For as long as Prime remembered they had been best friends. One of Laurie's favorite things was the Sun and whenever either Laurie or Prime were feeling upset they would watch the Sun Rise and Set, on many occasions they would stay up all night to do just that.

Their friendship underwent one very tough trial when Laurie fell in love with one of their High School classmates, a boy named Conner, who used to constantly pick on and would even beat up Prime just because he loved reading comic books.

After an incident which resulted in one of Prime's favorite Batman comics being torn apart by Conner, Laurie tried to cheer Prime up by offering to buy a new copy of the issue that had been ruined, but Prime verbally lashed out at her, she knew that he did not mean it though. Then, she tried a different tactic, the one that always cheered either of them up no matter what: watching the Sunset.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Laurie meets Superman of Earth-2
Laurie meets Superman of Earth-2

One Halloween night, Prime and Laurie's life would be changed forever when the Golden Age Superman of Earth-2 somehow wound up on Earth-Prime, at the exact same time Prime's powers were triggered.

Then, after seeing what he thought was Halley's Comet in the sky (which was actually Superman being thrown into their reality) Prime flew up into the Heavens, much to Laurie's disbelief, and had his first run-in with Superman.

After a long conversation Superman convinced Prime to fight alongside him and other heroes from across the Multiverse in order to stop the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Prime returned to say goodbye to Laurie and summoned up all of his courage to kiss her.

As Prime left, Laurie revealed that she had always been in love with him and would be eagerly awaiting his return. Shortly after Prime's departure, Laurie began making her way home...unfortunately she never had the chance to do so.

A God-like Universe-destroying entity called The Anti-Monitor had arrived on Earth-Prime almost immediately after Prime and Superman had left. He then unleashed a wave of Anti-Matter energy which consumed all of Earth-Prime.

As a result of this Laurie as well as Prime's adoptive parents were killed and then erased from existence.

Run for your lives! It's...SUPERBOY-PRIME!
Run for your lives! It's...SUPERBOY-PRIME!

It was recently learned that Laurie was reconstituted along with the rest of Earth-Prime just like Earth-2 had been at some point during the events of Infinite Crisis.

Prime eventually ended up back home on his world following the events of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds and found Laurie at his house with his parents.

Laurie ran from Prime in fear which Prime later discovered was because she knew of everything he had done by reading every issue of Infinite Crisis, The Sinestro Corps War Saga and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

While her ultimate fate is not actually known at this point in time, it is hinted that Prime killed Laurie during a temper tantrum just as his powers slowly started to reactivate.

Laurie Lemmon of New Earth

Laurie's Grand Entrance
Laurie's Grand Entrance

While doing extensive examinations of events on the New Earth created in the wake of the original Crisis, Alexander Luthor Jr. stumbled across something that would make it easier to manipulate Prime into helping him create the Perfect Universe that Alex himself desired.

After a brief argument with Prime, Alex revealed that there was an alternate version of Laurie living on New well as alternate versions of Prime's parent's Jerry and Naomi.

However, because Prime had never been born on New Earth, they knew nothing of him.

But that didn't matter to Prime...all he wanted was to be with them.

Laurie's Not-So-Grand Exit
Laurie's Not-So-Grand Exit

To be with Laurie, but as the event they were watching progressed all of Prime's hopes were instantly shattered as he helplessly watched the alternate versions of Laurie and his adoptive parents die in a horrific car accident involving a Semi-Truck.

In a way this version of Laurie's death set the events of Infinite Crisis in motion. So far this is the only other version of Laurie Lemmon that is known to have existed.

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