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    Laurel is a main character in JMS' "Midnight Nation" series.

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    Laurel’s history prior to her meeting David Grey for the first time is somewhat sketchy. She seemed to float freely in perfect joy. She felt no pain; she had no stress to speak of, and could speak freely with… the voice (or God). One could believe that she was in Heaven. When the voice informed her it was time to return to the world to attempt to save someone soul, she hesitated. She did not want to experience the pain of life, the pain of her trial.

    She relented and appeared before David Grey, who’s soul had been taken by the Soul Stealer. After bringing David up to speed on what has really happened to him, they begin the arduous journey from Los Angeles to New York City by foot to reclaim David’s soul. She makes it clear that she has done this several times in the past and no one has ever succeeded.

    Most of the journey consists of seeming tests for David, he is confronted with trials that both not only test him, but Laurel as well, as his soul missing he is slowly becoming a Walker. A group of creatures that belongs to the Soul Stealer it is their job to bring misery to the world, and they seem to attack her and David at every turn.

    David passes the tests, not always with flying colors, but he does pass. When all is said and done and they are in New York City, David fully succumbs to being a Walker and runs off into the night. Laurel is left being a prisoner of the Soul Stealer who admits to loving her, it being partly the reason she is chosen for these trials.

    David miraculously snaps out of it and returns, but finds Laurel nailed by her hands and feet to a round wooden, upright table called “the Wheel”, the Soul Stealer tells David that there is nothing he can do to save Laurel, he can merely choose why she dies.

    The Soul Stealer offers David his soul telling him that he’s worked so hard to get it back over a year’s time, but he could choose if he wanted to give it to Laurel as she’s not even human, she could live as a mortal, grow up in the harsh world and die as a mortal… or he could do what he set out to do in the first place and take his soul back.

    He does point out that every Walker has indeed regained their souls, their marking that make them Walkers are simply to denote that they are the Soul Stealer’s property, that they belong somewhere, whereas David does not currently, but he can.

    David looks to the assembled Walkers and asks, “Not a single one of you ever gave…?” they can do nothing but avert their eyes from him.

    David, knowing this likely means not only his death, but a possible eternity in limbo walks up to Laurel and says he is sorry and then plunges his soul into her breast, telling her simply that he loves her.

    Her true form revealed glowing and winged soars up into the sky free of all mortal limitations and flares as bright as the sun. People all over the world see the sign and it’s enough to give them hope.

    As the light fades, Laurel returns to her place of peace she speaks with the voice that originally summoned her a year ago. She wants to make sure that David knew she loved him and that he had a lovely soul. The last thing she says is that she can feel her heart beating…

    Fourteen years later, David walks to a nearby park and sits to enjoy the weather. After several minutes he hears a voice of a young girl asking if he’s okay. He says he’s okay and looks up to see Laurel as a young teenager wearing a tee-shirt that says “Angel”. Her mother calls her and tells her they’re going to be late. Laurel turns to leave but she stops and smiles at David and simply says “Thank you.”


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