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    Laura DePuy (credited later in her career as Laura Martin, having married Randy Martin in 2001) is an award-winning colorist who has produced work for several of the major comics companies, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and CrossGen.

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    Laura DePuy Martin was working nights at Kinko’s while studying graphic design at the University of Central Florida. It was there that she met Ian Hannin who got her interested in comics as a possible career. Hannin later went on to work for Wildstorm and got Laura through the door in 1995.

    In 1999, after DC acquired Wildstorm, Laura became John Cassaday’s colorist on Planetary, as well as Bryan Hitch’s on Authority. She also colored the JLA:Earth 2 graphic novel and JLA: Heaven's Ladder.

    Between 2001 and 2003, Laura worked as assistant art director and colorist for CrossGen comics. Notable in her CrossGen work was the detective comics series, Ruse, for which Laura won an Eisner Award. She also colored Negation, Sojourn and Meridian.

    In July 2004, she began coloring Cassaday’s highly acclaimed Astonishing X-Men, written by Joss Whedon for Marvel. Then in February 2005 she worked again with Bryan Hitch on Ultimates 2 #1, also for Marvel. Within this same time period, she colored Whedon’s two Serenity series: Serenity and Serenity: Those Left Behind for Dark Horse.

    In September 2007, Laura began work on the current Thor series by J Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel and, in 2008, colored the Marvel Comics mega-hit Secret Invasion. She also recently colored the mini-series Black Lightning: Year One over the artwork of her Gaijin studio-mate Cully Hamner. Laura is currently coloring Cully's The Question back-up stories.

    In August 2009, it was announced that she had signed an exclusivity agreement with Marvel Comics.


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