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"Bully for You," Veronica hires a burly woman to bully all the boys away from Betty and her at the beach so they can ogle a handsome lifeguard.

"Lest You Forget," Archie has images of Betty and Veronica on everything, including a reversible picture that allows him to display either one of them depending on who's there.

"The Pizza Pusher," Pop Tate's pizza delivery boys Archie and Jughead keep trying to deliver a pizza to a "Mrs. Webber," but every time they do, Jughead eats the entire pizza and then pays Pop to make another one.

"Palm Trees and Pussycats," Caught in a tropical storm on a trip to Florida, the Pussycats take shelter in an abandoned beach house, where a spy mistakes them for his contacts and gives them a book containing U.S. military secrets.

"The Amorous Anglers," Betty and Veronica's sudden interest in fishing just happens to coincide with their learning of Stan, the handsome man who rents the boats at the dock.

"The Grand Sand Play!", Lil Jinx digs up buried pirate treasure at the beach, then cannot remember where she was digging.

"Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," Veronica goes on a road trip to "rough it" because she feels confined at home.

"Deserted Village," Both families decide to go to the beach thinking they won't see each other for the day.


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