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"The Varmint"; Betty dresses up as a cowgirl.

"Field Day," Midge stops going steady with Moose; After seeing Midge date Reggie without repercussions, Archie decides it's time to see less of Veronica and start playing the field.

"Compassion," Jughead finally sticks up for Big Ethel when he hears her being insulted and mocked by a bunch of strangers.

"Caught In The Middle," Bingo and Samantha break up, to the approval of their fathers, but their mothers decide to get them back together again.

"Which Witch Is Right?", Suspecting that Sabrina is a witch, Reggie tries to trap her into admitting it by asking her to define "witch."

"Sneak, Squeak, and Creek," Archie saves his parents from car theives.

"Daddy's Girl!", Josie accuses her father of raising her as a tomboy because he always wanted a boy.

"Cover Girl!", It's such a scorching hot day that the boys don't pay any attention to Josie and Pepper.

"Strings Attached," Veronica has Archie wrapped around her little finger.

"Scent of Success," Archie discovers that Cricket O'Dell doesn't only have the power to smell money, but to trace the scent of anyone who is rich.


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