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    An Eastern European country ruled by Victor Von Doom. Its capital city is Doomstadt.

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    • Population: 500,000
    • Type of Government: Dictatorship ("Enforced Monarchy")
    • Languages: German, Hungarian, Latverian (local dialect, derivative of Hungarian), Romanian
    • Ethnic Groups: Mixed European, Gypsy
    • Currency: Latverian Franc
    • Law Enforcement: Doombot patrols

    Latveria lies in eastern Europe where Hungary, Romania, and Serbia conjoin.


    Latveria was once a monarchy ruled by King Vladimir Vassily Gonereo Trstian Mangegi Fortunov, Baron of Sabbat, Baron of Haasen, Baron of Krozi. It's capital city was Haasenstadt.

    A young genius named Victor Von Doom, a resident, waged a war with the monarchy with his incredible inventions. Von Doom left to be schooled in America and upon his return he slayed the King and imprisoned his son Rudolfo. Doom created a robot of Rudolfo that surrendered the crown to him before the people. Doom also created a puppet prime minister and remained anonymous for many years as ruler to the outside world. He changed the capital to Doomstadt.

    The country was taken over by Rudolfo in a coup. He impersonated Doom on the throne, only to have the Red Skull assassinate him and take control of the country. Doom returned and forced Red Skull out, taking his rightful place as ruler.

    The country was briefly ruled by Prince Zorba, the younger brother of Rudolfo, when Doom fell into madness. The country went into a state of civil war. Once Doom recovered, he killed Zorba and took back leadership of the country.

    Latveria was annihilated by Doctor Doom's former Master, The Marquis of Death. It is presumed that all 500,000 inhabitants save for Doom himself were wiped off the face of the Earth.

    It has since been rebuilt and repopulated.

    Other Timelines

    • In Marvel 1602, Latveria is ruled by Count Otto von Doom (Otto the Handsome).
    • On Earth-1610 (Ultimate Marvel), Latveria is an impoverished nation that was made wealthy by Doctor Doom.
    • On Earth-2301, Latveria is ruled by the younger sister of T'Challa (The Black Panther) who was Victor Von Doom's apprentice until she slew him and took his place as Doctor Doom.
    • On Earth-691, Latveria doesn't exist anymore as a independent country, but on its ruins was build an inpenetrable dome-refuge for the European survivors of the Badoon invasion.

    Other Media


    In the Fantastic Four film, Latveria is mentioned initially in reference to Victor Von Doom's past and is described as "the old country", possibly indicating his birth there. After "The End" has appeared, Von Doom's incarcerated body is shown on board a ship bound for Latveria. Also during the scene where he first dons his trademark metal mask, a plaque can be seen declaring it as a gift to Doom from the people of Latveria. In the sequel, Doom is reawakened in his castle by the Silver Surfer's passage through Latveria.

    Video games

    • In the 1980s computer game Accolade's Comics the protagonist Steve Keene is offered tickets to the Latverian Ballet.
    • In Spider-Man: The Game, a billboard can be seen in the first level advertising tourism in Latvania, a misspelling of Latveria.
    • Latveria is referred to in the Spider-Man 2 video game when J. Jonah Jameson says that a Latverian diplomat is landing at the United Nations building by helicopter, although circumstances force the player to miss sighting any such diplomat.
    • In the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, the Beetle was reported to have ducked into the Latverian Embassy after evading Spider-Man. In the special edition of the game, the player can look at concept art that shows what happens to Beetle after his confrontation with Spider-Man. He flies into the embassy and walks up to a throne, kneels down, and presents the Sandman vial to Doctor Doom in some plot to develop super-soldiers for Latveria. Later on in the game, the Green Goblin is later seen escaping from the Latverian Embassy.
    • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Castle Doom in Latveria is a level. If the player asks about Latveria to Vision, he mentions that there is barely any crime there since Doom's robots are always patrolling the country.
    • The Latverian Embassy is featured in The Incredible Hulk video game.
    • Latveria is featured in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. The first part of the game is based on the Secret War storyline. Nick Fury leads the heroes to Latveria to deal with Lucia von Bardas after the President does not want to take action against her illegal activities.

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