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(Original comic version)  Lastikman is an alien from another planet, he landed on earth and decided to fight crime and made it his home.

(2003 Movie Version) Young Hilario was near a rubber tree then from nowhere a meteor strikes him, and somewhat gains the power of elasticity. His grandfather told him to make good of his new abilities to honor his dead parents. He grew up and became a physics professor.

(2004 Movie Version) A lanky teenager whose father became drunk after the death of his mother – was mauled to death by illegal loggers because of his courage act to save the trees. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, the rubber tree revived him and gave him his new special abilities.



His power is elasticity. He is able to stretch his body or parts of it to long lengths, although he has current limits on how far he can stretch it. He is bulletproof one of the effects of being elastic. His costume is part of him and therefore he can’t remove it.  

His enemies are Lastika, Stryker, Alfonso and Reden.


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