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One of 87
One of 87

The "Last Son of Kraven" is one of 87 clones created by High Evolutionary for Kraven the Hunter. Kraven requested these clones because he was dissatisfied with his only heir being a daughter. The Last Son of Kraven is a perfect clone of his father, Sergei Kravinoff. He is entirely human being but designed to reach adulthood at in accelerated pace.

When Kraven built a new home in the Savage Land, he sent his sons out into the jungle with a mission to prove themselves before they returned home. Only one came home carrying a sack of his brothers' skulls. The Last Son of Kraven had killed all of his brothers for not being worthy of their father's legacy.

Kraven referred to him as an abomination and a beast before celebrating the fact that he finally had a worthy heir.


The Last Son of Kraven was created by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley in The Amazing Spider-Man #16

Major Story Arcs


Embracing his birthright
Embracing his birthright

The Last Son's first official mission as his father's only heir was to help Kraven target Spider-Man, his greatest enemy. Kraven believed by antagonizing Spider-Man into killing him, Kraven would finally be free of the curse of immortality he received during his botched resurrection by his family. The plan was to capture animal-themed villains and allow high rollers to hunt them for sport.

The Last Son hated this plan and did not understand why they didn't hunt them themselves. Angry at his father, The Last Son joined the hunt and eventually crossed paths with Spider-Man on the killing fields. He brutally pummeled Spider-Man to death and unmasked him only to find his father in Spider-Man's costume.

Guilty over his father's death, he ransacked Kraven's home, where he found a letter his father wrote before his death. Kraven revealed that this was his plan all along and that The Last Son was not going to inherit Kraven's legacy as his son. But rather, as the new Sergei Kravinoff, himself.

Monster Island

Kraven vs Deadpool
Kraven vs Deadpool

Looking for a challenge, the new Kraven went to Staten Island, which was recently converted to Monster Island thanks to a centuries old legal claim on the land. Kraven was able to kill 11 monsters before arousing suspicion. As the recently crowned King of the Monsters, Deadpool tried defending his people from Kraven. However, his Honor Guard and Elsa Bloodstone kept trying to save him, specifically because if Kraven successfully kills Deadpool, he becomes the new king.

To fight Kraven man-to-man, Deadpool had to trick them all into retreating. This gave the two fighters the opportunity to trade barbs and stabs in a brutal and bloody fight. Eventually, the Honor Guard would return to help Deadpool push Kraven out of the town. Once close to water, Kraven was snatched by a tentacled beast, giving the victory to Monster Island.

That beast would continue to struggle with Kraven all the way to Alaskan waters where Kraven finally freed himself. He vowed that one day he would kill Deadpool, "the unkillable man."

The Moon Hounds

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When More, the two-spirited wolf grandchild of Loki, escaped their prison in Hel, Hela hired Kraven to hunt them down. He was given enchanted bullets to slay the beast, but More was evasive. Loki eventually put More on Jane Foster's radar, thinking More needed to be reigned in. However, More and Jane made quick allies, and Jane vowed to protect them from Kraven.

Unfortunately, Jane was pre-occupied with a woman who came into her hospital saying her children were taken from her. When the children's location was shared with Jane, Jane left, giving Kraven the opportunity to spear More with his venom soaked weapon.

With More dead to rights, Loki approaches Kraven, pretending to be sent by Hela and makes off with Kraven's prize.

The Sinister War

On the commands of Kindred, Doc Ock started to reunite the Sinister Six. He tracked down Kraven in the Savage Land and offered him a chance to hunt The Lizard in exchange for joining his team. He accompanied the rest of the team to recruit their sixth member, Mysterio, only to be confronted by The Savage Six at the premiere of Mysterio's movie.

Their fight spilled over to a graveyard with more supervillains all fighting for the chance to kill Spider-Man. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant's helmet to knock everyone, including Kraven, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them.


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