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    This is awesome!

    First off i'm not going to review this the way I review comics because this isn't one. LMS: Killbook Of a Bounty Hunter is the first part in a series of graphic novels. This is the initial installment and is presented as a scrapbook from the perspective of the main character Gabriel. It introduces most of the characters that will be appearing in the series itself showing who they are and giving them some back story. This is sort of like the handbooks Marvel and DC print with Bio's of their characters however this is all done from Gabriel's perspective as this is essentially his diary.

    The Art:

    The art is absolutely stunning there is no other word to describe it. Dan Luvisi is an incredible artist and due to the size of this book (it is seriously huge) you get to see all that wonderful art splashed across the pages huge amounts.

    The Story:

    In this we are introduced to the back-story of our hero, his allies and of course his villains. All of them have something unique and interesting about them. None of them seem to be lacking anything. The universe that has been created for this series is equally good. It takes place in the future initially in Amerika (yep America is spelled Amerika now) a little later on Amerika becomes USA (United States Of Armtech). Our main character is Gabriel a super-solider created by the Armtech Paladin program. He is the last surviving subject of the program as the rest of his kind were killed in WWXIII. When he returns he is treated as hero and made the protector of Amerika hunting down terrorists and criminals. Unfortunately he is framed for crimes he did not commit and put in the level-9 facility to be executed from which he escapes after 9 years to get revenge on the people who framed him.

    The Verdict:

    This book serves as a background story to what will undoubtedly be a successful franchise. We see how the main character views his allies and enemies and what his plans are. This book did exactly what it was supposed to and gave us an awesome glimpse into Gabriel's gritty, weird, quirky and sometimes funny world. I cannot find a fault with this book ,it did exactly what it set out to do and brought some breathtaking art with it. I am waiting with bated for the graphic novel series to start so we can see what Gabriel and his supporting cast are truly capable of.

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