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    Lash LaRue was a roving U. S. Marshal who with his horse Black Diamond (some times called Rush) patrolled the American West righting wrongs and giving lectures about right and wrong and whip safety.

    Although he carried a gun, he was noted for preferring to use an 18 foot long bull whip which confronting the bad guys, Lash was so proficient with the whip that he could do more than just battle with one of his more common stunts being saving people about to fall to their doom by wrapping the whip around them, often while at full gallop on Black Diamond, and pulling them to safety. Lash was also known for always wearing black.

    He was often opposed by his identical twin brother, a villain known as the Frontier Phantom.


    Alfred "Lash" LaRue (June 14, 1921–May 21, 1996) was one of many actors in the 40s and 50s who spent most of his career making B-Westerns, originally hired because he looked enough like Humphrey Bogart that producers thought this would draw in more viewers, along with using his real last name as the name for most of his film characters LaRue also used his real skill with a whip to make his screen character presents more unique.

    The comic book series that was named after his screen character was one of the most popular Western Comics published, running for 12 years at Fawcett and then Charlton.

    In Brazil the character proved very popular , being published by the publisher RGE and being called "Don Chicote", starring a solo series of 149 issues.


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