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Laserworks and Fireball appear as newer members of the Seekers after Grasp left the group. These four members of the Seekers are hired to capture Venom so they can synthesize the symbiote and learn more about it. The Seekers find Venom in a fight with Darkhawk in San Francisco and capture him. Eddie Brock is held captive inside a laser cage created by Laserwork while the rest of the Seekers finish off Darkhawk. However Darkhawk would take down Fireball, Chain and Sonic with a wide-angle force blast while Venom manages to escape during the distraction. The Seekers are defeated and fail to complete their mission.  


Laserworks was created by Danny Fingeroth and Tod Smith in 1994 and first appeared in Darkhawk # 35. 

Story Arcs

Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies

Fireball and the rest of the Seekers are later hired as armored muscle by the West Coast Power Brokers involving a transaction of several crystals and millions of dollars. A man named Flynn took mental control of the Metahumes and brought them to the Reboy Plastics Factory where the transaction was taking place. Flynn tried to take mental control of a man named Carlson who had the money but failed. Carlson planned to double cross Flynn with the help of the Seekers but they are easily defeated by the Metahumes.  

Powers & Abilities

Laserworks' armor grants him enhanced strength and the ability to fly. Laserworks specializes in laser beam projectiles and can also create some energy based constructs like a laser cage to contained an enemy.

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