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In the cigarettes of the Pharaoh , Tintín persecuted an international drug trafficking organization by the Middle East and India . He managed to capture them all, except his boss, whose identity became known at the end of the adventure.

At the beginning of the Blue Loto , Tintín enjoys the hospitality of the maharaja of Rawhajpurtalah, an imaginary Indian state. There receives the visit of a Chinese who is going to bring some information but before he can speak, he is wounded by an arrow that goes crazy mysteriously, and can only pronounce two names: a city, Shanghai, and a person 's name, Mitsurirato . Tintin part to Shanghai and met with Mitsurirato, who is the representative of Japan in the city. This indicates that the maharaja danger and must return without delay. Tintin is the subject of a series of mysterious attacks on his life, what is saved in an equally mysterious.

Believing the recommendations of Mitsurirato, Tintín embarks for Bombay , but is kidnapped at midnight and reappears the next morning, in a house in Shanghai. The owner of the house is Mr. Wang Jen-ghie, head of the secret society, which requires the help of Tintín to end a network of traffickers of opium (the same as Tintin pursued in the previous album "The Sons of the Dragon" ) in which it is involved Mitsurirato. Trying to spy on these dealers, Tintin is witnessing a sabotage of the railway line by order of the Japanese to blame the Chinese and have a reason to invade the country 's secret services. He is captured by Mitsurirato, who would inoculates a product supposedly to cause madness. However, he fails, and Tintín manages to escape, so Mitsurirato alert the Japanese authorities, that put Tintin in search and seizure.

Disguised of Japanese official, Tintín tries to take refuge in the international zone, and locate such a Fan Se-Yeng, which can cure the son of Wang Jen-ghie, mad because Mitsurirato product. Not have their papers in order, he is arrested in the international zone and handed over to the Japanese authorities, who condemned him to death. However, he is rescued by Wang Jen-ghie and part towards Hou-Kou to locate to professor Fan Se-Yeng, which has also been kidnapped.

On the trip, Tintín befriends a young Chinese, Chang Chong-Jen , with which reaches Hou-Kou. The authorities of the international zone have sent in search of Tintín to Hernandez and Fernandez , who, as usual, fail to try to stop it . Tchang and Tintín discover that Fan Se-Yeng is held by Mitsurirato, returning to Shanghai to try to free him .


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