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Cigars of the Pharaoh is the fourth album of the series The Adventures of Tintin, written and directed by Belgian author Herge.

The story was first published in the pages of Le Petit Vingtième, weekly children's supplement of appearance of the newspaper Le Siècle Vingtième, between 8 December 1932 and February 8, 1934. Also in 1934 first appeared on the album. In 1955 it was redrawn and published in color. Originally bore the title Tintin in the Orient.

Forming part of an adventure that continues on the next album, The Blue Lotus. Cigars of the Pharaoh at first appear a few characters of the series, as Thompson and Thomson, Rastapopoulos, Allan Thompson and Oliveira da Figueira.

Like the three previous albums (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin in America Tintin in the Congo, consists mostly of a series of unrelated adventures. Unlike them, however, for the first time Hergé gives some unity to the plot by a mysterious element, cigars that give title to the album. the story brings together many elements typical of pulp literature: the curse on the grave robbers, a secret society and mystery surrounding the identity of the head of a gang of opium smugglers.

The argument is clearly influenced by the discovery in 1922 of Tutankhamun's tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter. (KV62)


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