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After watching a movie, Tintin and Captain Haddock bend a corner and collide with General Alcazar, who drops his wallet. Tintin is return it, but in the hotel say they know nothing about the host, and when Tintin calls a phone number in the portfolio, the respondent said not wanting to talk to anyone. When Tintin and Haddock return home, they discover that the spoiled and insufferable son of Emir Abdallah was sent to Moulinsart for your protection, along with a retinue of servants and guards to be installed in the hall of the castle.

Thomson and Thompson inform Tintin Alcazar who know because they are investigating a man named Dawson. They tell the hotel you are staying true General. In Tintin and Haddock hotel see Alcazar talking with Dawson, an old enemy of Tintin in the case of The Blue Lotus.

Haddock returns the portfolio to Alcazar, while Tintin follows Dawson and hear about the successful sale of de Havilland Mosquito aircraft for Khemed coup. Tintin decides to go and rescue the emir Khemed; grudgingly as usual, the Captain decides to go with it, also do not want to be alone with Abdullah and his jokes in bad taste.

The emir of Khemed takes refuge in a temple carved in stone like Petra.

Dawson sees Tintin meddles in their affairs again and decides to delete it. In Wadesdah Airport, Tintin and Haddock are rejected at customs while someone puts a bomb on the plane. The midair bombing was thwarted because of a fire engine, which forces the device to land just before the bomb explodes. Tintin and Haddock walk through the desert and enter unseen in Wadesdah. There they find another old friend, the Portuguese merchant Oliveira da Figueira, which helps them to escape the city dressed as a woman. Once outside the walls a guide with horses leads them to the shelter of the deposed Emir (based on the ancient city of Petra, Jordan).

But their escape is noticed and the figures of the new regime sent armored patrols and "Mosquito" to intercept them. Almando is Mull Pasha who is actually Dr. Müller, old enemy of Tintin when the matter of the island black black and gold. Due to the confusing orders, the "Mosquito" attack their own tanks instead of Tintin and his friends.

The Emir will Catching up on the slave trade by the Marquis of Gorgonzola. Tintin and Haddock shipped illegally to Mecca to investigate. Are attacked by mosquitoes again, Tintin manages to down one with a German StG-44 but the schooner in traveling suffers extensive damage and Piotr finally shipwrecked with Pst, the pilot of downed plane Estonian. Are collected by Gorgonzola's yacht, the Scheherazade, and transferred to the SS Ramona, a freighter. This boat is one of the boats Gorgonzola, used for slave trade.

That night are enclosed by Allan, the former first mate of Haddock, when suddenly the crew of the ship escapes Ramona by a fire on board and the fear that this burst. Prisoners forced the door and get out the fire, without understanding the whole bow is loaded with explosives. It is then released into a large number of Africans held in the cellars and who had paid to go to Mecca, but would be sold as slaves. Haddock will try to explain the situation (who hablanYoruba). At first he can or can not understand, thinking that Haddock lied. After some discussion, agree not to go to the pilgrimage (Hajj) to the old saying that there are many who do not return. Africans agree to help Haddock to navigate to the safe harbor Yiouti, while Tintin and Skut trying to fix the radios, which were damaged.

Tintin finds a piece of paper with the message of "coke", but fails to understand. In sailing, "Coke" usually refers to coal fuel, but it is what they charge. So approaching a dhow boat and go to an Arab who wishes to inspect the "coke". As Haddock does not understand, you are not communicating. He begins to inspect the Africans. The term of coke, referred to the slave trade, and to understand this Haddock check into Arabic of the boat, and one of the Africans frustrated an attempt by stabbing Captain Arab.

USS Los Angeles of the Navy of the United States. States.

Gorgonzola (which we really Rastapopulos, drug dealer and nemesis from Tintin Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Blue Lotus) discovers that Haddock has taken control of the ship, and sends a submarine to sink. Tintin finds the submarine by accident just before the attack. Haddock manages to overcome the first torpedo maneuvers, but he can not endure much more. At this crucial moment is when the aircraft Ramona is saved by U.S. Navy cruiser, the USS Los Angeles, who had been warned via radio by Tintin. Since the submarine makes a last attempt to blow up the Ramona by sticky bomb attached near where explosives are stored, but fails when you drop the anchor of Ramona. A shark swallows the mine and nothing further. Later, when the Los Angeles tries to stop Gorgonzola, fakes his own death by making him sink his speedboat while he escapes in a mini-submarine. Tintin, Haddock and Skut are received in Europe as heroes.


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