Larry Young

    Character » Larry Young appears in 13 issues.

    Larry Young was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who led their Air Cavalry. Last seen trapped in a Deathlok body, after Jack Truman swapped bodies with him to escape the cyborg body.

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    Larry Young worked for SHIELD, leading their Air Cavalry in a successful mission to capture the mutant known as Cable.


    Larry Young first appeared in Cable #60 and was created by Joe Casey and Jose Ladrönn

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus Cable

    Despite leading their Air Cavalry, Larry Young was a rather reckless SHIELD agent. After botching operations in Hell’s Kitchen and Las Vegas he was discharged from service. His bad luck continued when a rival colleague stole his body, courtesy of a Tibetan mind transfer trick, and trapped his mind in that of a Deathlok.Put on probation, following the Hell's Kitchen op to capture Cable, he was given a second chance and was assigned to a simple recon mission in Vegas. Sent to monitor and report back on activity SHIELD satellites had detected, Young had no idea what he and the Air Cavalry were investigating and when they were confronted with a destructive SHIELD prototype that had been stolen by the Red Skull, Young responded with instant action.

    After a failed assault on the machine, Nick Fury reprimanded Young for pushing the boundaries of his probation and having lost the lives of nearly an entire unit of agents in the field as well as being responsible for destroying an obscene amount of ordinance and half of Las Vegas. Abandoning his post, Young left the fray to go and get drunk. Sometime afterwards, Young was brought up on official charges and dismissed from SHIELD.


    A rival colleague, Jack Truman, who had recently became the Deathlok cyborg involved in the mission that cost Young his job, managed to transfer minds with Larry trapping him in the robotic prison. Young presumably is still trapped in the body of the Deathlok and was considered as a potential recruit to the Initiative.


    In the Vengeance miniseries, it was revealed that Larry was unable to get to grips with the cyborg body and was unable to function without appropriate maintenance. The body was seen rusting in a junk yard.


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