Larry Wade

    Character » Larry Wade appears in 23 issues.

    One of Virgil Hawkin/Static's best friends. Virgil and Larry had issues with each other, because Larry convinced Virgil to kill Francis Stone. Virgil kept his resentment towards Larry to himself, until he found out that Larry had been dating Frieda Goren behind his back instead of telling Virgil the truth.

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    The comic book version of Larry Wade was one of Virgil's closest friends, but also a major source of conflict. He would gain animosity from Virgil by dating Freida Goren, convincing Virgil to almost take a life, and by being a drug dealer. Wade would not survive the comic book run of Static and was gunned down by his own drug suppliers. At that point Virgil realized that despite all they had been through, Wade was in fact a true friend.


     Larry Wade made an appearance in Season 1 of Static Shock in the first episode, "Shock to the System". He is only called Wade instead of Larry Wade. In the pilot episode Wade attempted to get Virgil to join his gang. Giving him a gun and telling him to join at the docks, Wade was going to help Virgil stand up to his problems with Francis Stone (F-Stop / Hotstreak). That night the “ Big Bang” happened; what Bang Baby Wade became is unknown, or if he even survived that night.
    He was voiced by Omar Gooding.

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