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    Penguin's personal chauffeur and henchwoman.

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    Lark first appeared in comics in Batman #448.

    Major Story Arcs

    Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Penguin

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    The Penguin has opened his Iceberg Casino, and Lark is his head of security. When Charlotte Rivers tries to sneak around in a maid disguise it is Lark that alerts the Penguin, and it is Lark Penguins sends to deal with Miss Rivers. Later when Snakeskin tries to kill the Penguin but is double crossed it is Lark who is by her employers side. Then when Jill Hampton tries to collect for double crossing Snakeskin, Lark is the one Penguin orders to kill Miss Hampton. Lark is never able to carry out these kill orders due to the interference of the Batman.

    Skills and Abilities

    She is seemingly a normal human. She has a high degree of combat ability and is skilled in security.

    Other Media


    The New Batman Adventures

    Lark appeared in several episodes of The New Batman Adventures as the Penguin's personal bodyguard. She was given two partners named Raven and Jay. Lark was also redesigned so that she resembled a chorus girl rather than a chauffeur.


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